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Gourd Shapes Chart


Don't struggle looking all over for a gift. A gift certificate is the perfect solution for the crafty person in your life. Gourds provide the perfect media for many artistic creations!
Back To School?

Back To School?

Yes, believe it or not, the start of the school year is already on the minds of teachers and parents.  Planning for art and craft classes takes time to come up with new ideas and gathering the supplies necessary for the project.  We love to help you plan and get ready for those classes.  We have lots of different gourds that work well for all ages, available to ship and ready to use.  Give us a call and we will be glad to help you with your ideas, 877-843-0770.


Because our product is nature made, the gourd you receive may be slightly different that what is shown in the picture. We want you to be happy with your purchase, which is why there is a Notes section at the end of the order form. If you need a specific size, shape, color or to just let us know what you will be making with the gourds. We do our best to make sure you get what you want, and if we don't have it we will contact you before filling the order.

Gourd Shapes Identification Chart

Original line drawing by Timothy Moyers.
1. Banana
2. Club, Cave Man's Club
3. Tobacco Box, Sugar Bowl
4. Canteen, Sugar Bowl
5. Cannon Ball
6. Basketball
7. Mini-bottle
8. Sennari
9. Mexican Bottle
10. Hardshell Warty
11. Hercules Club
12. Bushel Basket
13. Baton, Snake, Longissima
14. Short Handled Dipper
15. Powder Horn, Penguin
16. French Dolphin, Maranka, Monkey
17. Lump in the neck Bottle
18. Zucca
19. Chinese Bottle
20. Long Handled Dipper
21. Indonesian Bottle, Costa Rican Bottle
22. Japanese Bottle, Siphon
23. Kettle



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